Dangers in the home

One of the big risks facing parents in the home is how to keep their babies and children safe from the dangers of items in cupboards, cabinets and drawers.

Children are by nature inquisitive and look to explore at every opportunity.

Kitchens in particular are a risk because of the nature of the goods hidden away. Cutlery, cleaning products and heavy items like irons cause many avoidable injuries and sadly deaths each year.

Thankfully the Aycorn team have worked hard to bring you their new and upgraded magnetic baby cupboard locks! Made from the highest quality materials this simple solution keeps your cupboards, cabinets and drawers secure and locked giving you permanent security and peace of mind.

However, please do remember, any kind of child safety solution is only a safeguard. It is not a replacement for adult supervision and it's just one part of the wider safety awareness and prevention program you will want around your home.

To learn more about the Aycorn range of child safety solutions visit our product page here.

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